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Esthetician Classes

The mission of the School of Cosmetology at Campbellsville University is to provide educational tools and knowledge for students to excel in the Esthetics field so they will possess the confidence and skills to service clients/students and obtain their licenses to be employed in salons, spas, or other avenues of the beauty industry. We strive to offer a balanced academic and personal environment that fosters growth and constant pursuit of knowledge and Christian servant leadership.

As prescribed by the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, a student must complete 750 clock hours of instruction in Esthetics.  Students will attend 4 days per week, in which they could complete the program in as little as 94 days or 24 weeks. The Esthetics program will maintain and teach an innovative curriculum that is designed to prepare a pursuing student to become a knowledgeable and well-rounded practicing Esthetician.  Learners in this course will learn a variety of techniques and principals that they will be able to rely on throughout their career, while also receiving assistance in preparing for the State Licensing Examination.

The Esthetics course consists of both theoretical and practical instruction specifically in Esthetic practices. Learners will demonstrate their knowledge of all subject matter in theory and application, through the completion of required written and practical applications. This curriculum and course of study are designed to instruct the student in while utilizing the latest in interactive education and technology. All learning resources will be provided by the School of Esthetics, including an online learning database for theoretical instruction.

The program consists of: (1)Career Essentials; (2)Safety and Infection Control; (3)The Science of Skin Care; (4)Treatments and Services; and (5) Specialized Theory and Technical Applications.  Within the course, the learners will learn from audio-visual presentations, interactive education through the use of online delivery, lectures, demonstrations, practical hands-on experience, and written and practical testing.

The course will consist of 300 clock-hours of theoretical instruction.  These courses will contain Face-to-Face lecturing and instruction, along with online modules, completed on-site, including the following topics: Personal Development (11 hours) Professional Development (12 hours) Business Basics (16 hours) Skin Care Center Ecology (14 hours) Anatomy (23 hours) Electricity and Electrical Equipment (31 hours) Chemistry (15 hours) Skin Physiology (18 hours) Client Care (12 hours) Facials (16 hours) Hair Removal (31 hours) Makeup (36 hours) Advance Treatments (16 hours) Estheticians in the Medical Field (14 hours) and lastly Applicable Kentucky Statutes and Administrative regulations (35 hours). The remaining 450 clock-hours will be spent on technical skills supervised by a licensed instructor in both the classroom, and the supervised esthetic treatment areas.  Students will obtain a minimum of 115 hours in both theoretical and practical techniques before administering services to willing patrons.


Clock Hours Total: 750

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